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Organic FarmPoggio alla Cavalla – Tuscany

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The Company is run by owner Massimo Camelli, who directly follows the various phases of growing and producing Chianti wine and extra virgin olive oil according to organic farming methods.
The farm’s organic farming enables quality wines and oil to be produced, which are not only wholesome and genuine but also recall authentic tastes and are a guarantee of the farm’s attention to the environment and consumer’s well-being.

In Tuscany, where products, land and tradition are indissolubly linked, organic farming constitutes an excellence that guarantees the valorisation and preservation of this heritage.




Our products from organic farming

  • CHIANTI WINE D.O.C.G. made from select Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Syrah and Malvasia grapes is ruby red tending to burgundy with aging. It has an intense fragrance and soft, harmonious, full and delicate flavour. It has an alcohol content of 12, 8° and is distinguished for its character and quality. Serve at a temperature of 18° degrees, preferably with Tuscan-style starters and second courses of roasts, game and grilled meats.
  • I.G.T. ROSSO TOSCANO WINE made from select Sangiovese grapes and other traditional Tuscan grapes, which, when combined in the right amounts, characterise this velvety, sophisticated wine with its brilliant ruby red colour and pleasant, dry and harmonious taste. It has an alcohol content of 12, 5° and should be served at a temperature of 18° with various starters of cold meats and salami, pasta and all kinds of meats.
  • VALDINIEVOLE BIANCO WINE made from Trebbiano and Malvasia grapes is golden yellow with a delicate, fruity, pleasant fragrance and a dry and harmonious taste. It has an alcohol content of 12° and should be served at a temperature of 8°; it is suitable for starters, shellfish and fish dishes.
  • TOSCANO EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL OF MONTALBANO made with Leccino, Moraiolo, Frantoio and Cerretano olives purely by mechanical processes is the end result of a quality product. Meticulous processing of the olives handpicked at the right degree of maturity guarantees and protects its precious organoleptic qualities; the oil is yellow with bright green reflections and has an intense, mellow, slightly fruity taste. It is wonderful served on food by itself and also brings out the taste of dishes, distinguishing them with its unique, refined fragrance.



The farm’s premises are in the same building: the cellars are underground, whilst there is a storeroom in the basement where the vehicles, machines and farming equipment are kept, as well as rooms for sampling and selling wine and oil.
The wine vats are in the cellars: some are made of reinforced concrete with a glazed interior and others are more modern and made of stainless steel. The necessary wine making machines and equipment are also kept here. As prescribed by law 155/97, the farm uses the HACCP sanitary-hygienic self-control system for transforming the food to guarantee consumers perfect hygiene in every working phase, from production to transformation.


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