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Tuscany’s Cities of Art: Lucca

Of Etruscan origin, Lucca evolved as a Roman city beginning in 180 B.C.
In the Middle Ages, the city grew considerably because of the ancient Via Francigena, along which Lucca was an important stopover.

Lucca is one of the main cities of art in Italy. The original appearance of its historic centre has remained practically intact, as evidenced by Piazza dell’Anfiteatro, built on the ruins of the ancient Roman amphitheatre, the town walls from the 15th-17th centuries, the medieval churches, and later, the towers, bell towers, and monumental Renaissance palaces.


Events and Spectacles

  • During the month of July, there is the Summer Festival musical event and the time-honoured historical Palio della Balestra that takes place the evening of 12 July.
  • In September, there is the Holy Cross Medieval Fair an ancient market fair. On 13 September, there is the religious procession for the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross.
  • In late October, Lucca hosts Comics & Games.



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