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Tuscany’s Cities of Art: Pisa

Perhaps of Etruscan origin, the city of Pisa certainly took shape in Roman times.
Pisa is known for its squares and historic centre.

  • Known as Piazza dei Miracoli, Piazza del Duomo is the city’s most important artistic and tourist centre, and has been included among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1987. Such masterpieces as the cathedral, the baptistery, the cemetery, and the bell tower of Santa Maria, also known as the Leaning Tower, can be admired there.
  • The Arno river embankments and Borgo Stretto with their markets and medieval arcades, along with Corso Italia, are the real city centre.


Events and Spectacles: Giugno Pisano offers the majority of the city’s main celebrations and festivals.

  • On 16 June, the facades of the buildings overlooking the river are lit by candles for the feast of the Luminara di San Ranieri.
  • On 17 June, the historic race between the four famous Maritime Republics (Pisa – Genoa – Venice – Amalfi) takes place.
  • The Gioco del Ponte is held the last Saturday in June, with the historical parade that has over seven hundred participants.


The city of Pisa is home to three universities, the most important one being the Scuola Normale Superiore.

Pisa is served by the Galileo Galilei Airport with direct domestic and international flights.



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